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  • Rail transit area In rail transport industry, currently welded aluminum honeycomb sandwich plate can be applied on skirt of rail vehiclesc
  • Military field In military field, this material can be applied on Panle of emergency aistrip Shelterblockhousemissile reflectorRadar co
  • Aerospace field In aviation and aerospace filed,structural components of satellite and aircraft
  • Ship domain in shipping field vessel structural componentsvessel interior fitting componentsBeam of laser cutting machine
  • Building area In architecture field, this material can be applied on Exterior decorative wall and interior fitting

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  • 152016-08


Qingdao Taihong track equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is a high-tech enterprise. The company has more than 40 professional and technical personnel, with the ability of independent design and development; The company has perfect processing and testing means, and has more than 400 sets of production, test and testing equipment, including laser welding system, friction stir welding, laser cutting machine, three large welded aluminum honeycomb plate production lines, phased array detector ...
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Qingdao Taihong Track Equipment Co.,Ltd
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